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New Hedeby

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In 1969 there was held a national camp on Stevninghus, for the danish boyscouts, and in 1970 a camp for the girls.
Both times the theme was the life of the vikings. The goal was to build a copy of the viking town of Hedeby (Or Haitabu). In the years prior to the camp, the work began and there was put great effort in being as historically correct as possible, both concerning the placement of the houses and the use of historical tools. This means that most of the builiding methods found in the houses of New Hedeby are copied from the digs in the old Hedeby.
(For more about the old Hedeby, see the musuem website here)

When the camps were over, the plan was to tear down the houses. But a group of scouts instead started a scout centre around the viking houses.
This scout centre was called Ny Hedeby Spejdercenter (New Hedeby Scoutcentre)

Today the viking houses are being maintained by a group of volunteers called "Borgere" (Citizens), who uses a lot of their spare time on the project.
These volunteers also arrange camps during the summer and offer activities for scouts from all over the world. Many of the activities revolve around the viking age and if possible they will take place in and around the viking village.

For more information contact us on
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Top view of the viking villageTop view of the viking village