SSC 2019 - The Vikings Strike Back

SSC 2019 - The Vikings Strike Back

International scouting event at Stevninghus Spejdercenter, Denmark.

A 50th yeah anniversery of the scout centre.

14 days of scouting where you and your group decide when the camp starts and ends.
You have the possibility to choose between the two weeks available and still not miss the variety of activities in one of the weeks ot just stay the full two weeks. We promise it will be great either way.
Therefore, it is up to you for how long you want to join us at the camp site.

The days available for camping will be:
Saturday july 13th to saturday july 27th of 2019

We have taken care of activities for all participants in ages 3 to 23 years

We can't wait to see you at SSC2019